Example of Login to IT Server using PuTTY

Assuming you have downloaded PuTTY (I suggest selecting the Windows installer) and installed in Windows 7, the following shows an example of the first login to IT server, ict.siit.tu.ac.th. This example uses the username u5000000000. You should use your own username (and password).

Note that although the text in the following correctly refers to ict.siit.tu.ac.th, the pictures may contain the incorrect it.siit.tu.ac.th. We no longer use IT - replaces all occurrences with ICT.

Open a connection to ict.siit.tu.ac.th using PuTTY

PuTTY example

Enter the address of the server, in this case ict.siit.tu.ac.th, in the Host name field. All other values are their default. Then press Open to connect to the IT server.

Accept the security warning

PuTTY example

Upon first login, you may be presented with a warning about the servers host key. You can accept this warning by clicking on the Yes button. (If you want to be sure that you are connecting to the correct host you can ask me for the current server fingerprint).

Enter your username and password

PuTTY example

You are prompted first for your username. Type it in and press Enter. Then you are prompted for your password. This should have been supplied to you. Type in your password and press Enter. Note that the password will not be displayed as you type it (so that no-one can look over your shoulder and see it).

Select a new username and password

PuTTY example

You are eventually presented with a warning that your password has expired. This only happens upon first login (when you are using the initial password supplied to you). This forces you to select a new password. First, when you are prompted for your (current) Unix password enter your original supplied password. Then you will be prompted for a new password. Select a new password and type it. You will then be prompted to retype the same new password you selected (to ensure you didn't make any typos). If both times you type the identical password and they are accepted then you will be automatically disconnected (i.e. the PuTTY terminal window will close).

You should choose a strong password that no person (or computer) could easily guess. The IT server has some restrictions on the password you can choose (e.g. a minimum length) and may reject some passwords, but mainly its up to you to select a good password.

Again open a connection to ict.siit.tu.ac.th

PuTTY example

Connect to the IT server again.

Enter your username and new password

PuTTY example

Now login with your username and the new password you selected in the previous step.

Read the warning and start entering commands

PuTTY example

Read the warning. This is the same as when you login for SIIT Internet access. You can scroll up using the mouse or pressing Alt-PgUp to read from the top. If you accept the warning then you can continue to use the IT server by issuing commands. See the Introduction to the Command Line or type man intro for some starters.

Close the connection

PuTTY example

To exit and close the connection type exit.

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