Topic outline

  • General

  • Course Information

    The Senior Project requires each group to develop (or research) a computer software/hardware system. The project duration is two semesters, starting in June and completing in March the following year. This web site is for the first semester of the Senior Project, called Project Development (ITS400 and CSS400).

    In Semester 1 you will complete the start-up phase of the project, including: forming a group, selecting a topic, learning the background information, studying the existing work, and planning the implementation phase. This culminates in a Project Proposal to be delivered at the end of the semester.

    Although you are only assessed on the Proposal in Semester 1, it is in your own interest to get started on design and even implementation in Semester 1. Then you will have a better chance of getting a high grade in Semester 2.

    The Project Coordinator is Steven Gordon.

  • Topics

    Faculty members offer a range of topics. Students form a group and select their preferred topics. Groups are allocated a topic based on their (and others preferences) and their GPA.
  • Proposal

    The primary output of Semester 1 is a Project Proposal and accompanying presentation.
  • Seminars

    A weekly seminar class will be held, with attendance by all students required. Some sessions will involve faculty members presenting key topics to students, while others will allow students to practice their presentations.
  • Presentations

    Students must present their proposal at the end of the semester. During the semester you will have opportunities to gain practice in presentation skills.