Submission of EC Senior Project Final Report

  • Please submit the file for your EC project final report. Only one submission per group is needed.
  • Submit only pdf files for the report. If you use Microsoft Words, please convert the file to pdf first.
  • You may still email the proposal to your advisor but no need to email it to other faculty members. They will read the files online from this system.
  • The maximum file size is 16 MB per file. If your file is too big, you should lower  resolution of some pictures and/or you may split a big file into smaller files. 
  • You are allowed to re-submit your files as many times as you want but before the deadline. Please delete any old files you are not using. 
  • Deadline for submission is Saturday, May 7, 2016, noon.
  • Late submission will be allowed but with a penalty of one-step reduction of the grade of the project per day of late submission. For example, suppose the grade with no penalty is B+. If the submission is within a day late, then the grade after penalty will be B. If the submission is after one day late but within two days late, then the grade after penalty will be C+.  
Instruction for Final Report:  

  • The number of pages from the Introduction chapter to (including) the Conclusion chapter must be between 16 to 24 pages (single column). You should strictly adhere to this page requirement. There are no page limits on other parts of the report, such as the appendices and bibliography.  
  • Please seriously make sure that the report is well written, technically strong with sufficient literature review and references, and having a good flow of presentation and very few typos and grammatical errors. 
  • All the required MATLAB, python, Java codes, etc., must be clearly commented and included in the appendices. Detailed results and info (such as specifications) that are not quite important to he main text should be put in the appendices as well. The key thing to keep in mind is that you must include all necessary info so that future senior students can continue your work.
  • Score of the final report: 30% of the total score. The grading will be done by your project advisor(s).

  • If you have small video clip files (< 16 MB), you can submit them online. However, if the clips are too large, you should submit them to your advisor(s) directly. 
  • Another submission page for the presentation slides will be set up later. You should submit your final presentation slides after the final presentation day. Failure to submit the slides may mean "F".