Field Trip and Final OrientationPreview

We plan to go on a field trip and perform some activities for final orientation during Semester 2. This is for current 4th year students (even those that may not graduate until 2015) and will be attended by all IT/CS faculty. We will leave SIIT by bus in the morning and visit a technology company for 2 or 3 hours, then travel to our destination, where we will perform some fun activities together. We will stay 1 night and return in the afternoon the next day.

The tentative dates are 13/14 March 2015, which is the last two days if Midterm Exam period. Accommodation, transport and food will be paid for by SIIT.

We would like students to pick their preferred location, from Nakhon Nayok, Cha Am or Amphawa. Also, give any suggestions of places (specific hotels - note we have a limited budget) you'd like to stay at these locations or any other suggestions.

We will consider your preferences and finalise a schedule towards the start of Semester 2.