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Upcoming Tasks and Seminars

Steven Gordon
Upcoming Tasks and Seminars
by Steven Gordon - Wednesday, 11 November 2015, 7:54 PM

The road to complete project development is as follows:

  • Improve and complete your Requirements Specification
  • Document your system design in a Design Specification. You must submit at least the Architecture Design, but if you also include parts of the Detailed Design you have greater chance of getting higher marks.
  • Based on feedback on your mockup, improve it so you can present a prototype at the final presentations.

The final presentations will be Friday 4 December. Schedule will be announced later. The deadline for submitting Requirements Specification and Design Specification (two separate reports on SVN) is 12noon Tuesday 8 December. Further details are on the course website.

There is no seminar this week (Fri 13), but is one scheduled for next week (Fri 20). Also remember to attend the Monday afternoon job seminars.

Finally, your mockup scores are on Moodle.


Steven Gordon
Re: Upcoming Tasks and Seminars
by Steven Gordon - Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 2:32 PM

Unfortunately we must cancel the seminar for this Friday 20th. Since the final presentations are scheduled for 4 December, there will be no more seminars - spend the remaining 2 weeks finishing your prototype, requirements and design, with consultation from your advisor.

Regarding next semester, students must continue with the same project/group/advisor. If you are in a group where once student leaves (e.g. does not register Senior Project next semester) then talk to me at the start of the semester and I will find a solution.

This semester was 1 credit; next semester is 6 credits, and much more is expected from you. You should spend about 15 - 20 hours per week on your project. Milestones will be set assuming you do that. However next semester there will be no formal record of the number of hours you spend. That is, you do NOT have to record fingerprint for attendance (as has been done in past years). You will be required to attend Bangkadi to meet your advisor and attend scheduled seminars/presentations.