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Change of Deadline for Submission

Steven Gordon
Change of Deadline for Submission
by Steven Gordon - Sunday, 29 November 2015, 10:32 AM

A reminder that final presentations are on Friday 4 December, 9am to 12noon. See the course website for the room and schedule.

Despite what I may have said in the past, you do NOT need to give a printed copy of your reports or slides at the presentation. Instead you submit your two reports and a copy of your slides on SVN by the new deadline of:

12noon Monday 14 December

That is, submit the following three documents (both the source and PDF) on SVN:

1. requirements-specification

2. design-specification

3. prototype-presentation

Optionally, if you have slides that you used for the mockup, also put them on SVN as mockup-presentation (not all groups had slides for mockup, so its ok if you don't submit mockup-presentation). The project-concept is already on SVN and should not be changed.

Regarding the 12noon deadline, that is the official deadline. However late submissions up until 5pm Monday 14 Dec will be allowed and will NOT be penalised. If there are any significant problems with ICT server (e.g. unavailable for 1 or 2 hours) before 12noon, then I may extend the deadline. However I will not provide any extension or assistance if there are submission problems after 12noon. I recommend you put a version of your documents on SVN at least 24 hours before the deadline, and then can commit newer versions up until the deadline if you need.

Finally, what should go in the design-specification? First, the Architecture Design should be included. This is a block diagram and list of components similar to the system overview in the requirements-specification but should be more detailed. Compared to your requirements-specification, the architecture design should have more blocks and even blocks within blocks.

Second, I notice that many groups have starting implementing. The design of the parts that they have implemented should go in the Detailed Design section of the design-specification. Some examples that you may include:

- database designs, e.g. ER diagrams

- user interface designs, e.g. pictures from your mockup

- algorithms, flow charts or UML to show how important parts work

- diagrams or flow charts to show the relationship between web pages, e.g. how a user would normally use the website by traversing through several web pages

- circuit designs for hardware, or lists of parts you need

Also, when you include the design item, you should also briefly explain WHY you chose to do it that way. This is especially useful for the important/difficult parts of your project. E.g. "We decided to use Facebook for logins, rather than implement our own login system, because ... ".

Be sure to read the course website for other details about submission, requirements, designs etc.