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Steven Gordon
Design Specification
by Steven Gordon - Wednesday, 24 February 2016, 4:39 PM

A reminder that the deadline for submitting the updated Design Specification is 4pm this Friday.

You already submitted an initial Design Spec last semester. You have most likely made changes to your design since then, or missed out details in the initial document. Therefore the submission due this Friday is the same file, but updated to more accurately reflect your system and detailed design. Some groups may only have to make small changes; others may have many details to add (depending how good your design spec was last semester). As a reminder see:

Submit on SVN using the exact same file name as last semester (just edit the file and SVN Commit and the new version will be put on SVN).


design-specification.XXX (where XXX is the extension used for the source eg. docx, odt, pages, ...)