Deliverable Features


  1. Filter : We can filter the search engine by authors, name of publications and keywords. For example, we search the author name, and list of their publications and projects will shown in the list.
  2. File download : In this feature, you can download a PDF, BibTex file to your computer.
  3. Google Scholar : We provide Google Scholar link, so when you click on the link it will take you to google search engine and the name you search will appear in google.
  4. Project Web Applications : This feature will allow the users to download and open the project web applications (in the form of .jar and .war).
  5. File Management : The administrator and superusers can add a new publications or edit the old one.
  6. User management : Administrator can add new superusers and delete the old superusers.
  7. Forum : This allows other users who have a problem with installing the web applications can type in their problems and post to the web site. Here, people can comments and suggest way to help.
  8. Bibtex : In here, the superuser can automatically fill in the Bibtex form, where the template is provided, or upload the Bibtex file. In the web page, we provide link that when the user click on it, it show the Bibtex in the pop-up box.


  1. SIIT info : This feature provides an general information about SIIT like when you ask something that related to SIIT eg. how many study field in SIIT ?
  2. Admission info : This feature provides an information about how to study at SIIT , What subject you should take ? , How much score you should get in order to pass ?
  3. Course info : This feature provides an information about course in SIIT including timetable,lecturer and basic information about course
  4. Lecturer info : This feature provides an information about lecturer in SIIT , basic information about lecturer, experience and subject that they teach,
  5. Login Management System : This feature will make decision to answer or not .if the question that system receive from user is private. To see the answer , User need to login.
  6. Talk like friend : This feature provides you a bot friend that you can talk anything to it . at least , simple question like What your name ? , What are you doing ?
  7. Time and Region : This feature provides you an information about time and can identify the location that you are in now.
  8. Weather info : This feature provides you an detail of Whether that you stay in real-time . including humidity, wind ,etc.


  1. Marker Recognition : The app is able to recognize and distinguish between markers created for each shelf
  2. Shelf Seaching : The app is able to search for the location of the bookshelf based on user input (book title)
  3. Virtual Arrow : The app is able to display 3D augmented arrow for users navigation in real time
  4. Flexible input : The app supports both book title and call number search.
  5. Color legend : Highlight directional arrow in color according to direction and distance. Red represents far and green represents near.
  6. Wide camera angle : The app can recognize marker from different angles as long as the image is in the point of view
  7. Category : Each marker contains information about the shelfs book category
  8. Book suggestion : Display book suggestions based on user search


  1. Personal Information Setting: - Personal Information use for add basic information of employee (e.g. ID, Name, Position, etc.) # - Shift Pattern use for set time format of working hour by employee type.
  2. Holiday Group: - Holiday setting use for set holiday date, holiday name and holiday type per year. # - Holiday Calendar use for show holiday name of each day.
  3. Leave Setting: - Leave Balance use for set and show number of available, already uses and remaining for each leave type # - Leave Forbidden use for set effective date from and effective date to of forbidden leave period calendar
  4. Leave Application Online Form: - Request Leave Application Online Form use for fill the leave details online. # - Leave Application Online Status use for update the status of leave application. And it will show the record of request leave application online.
  5. Approve Leave Application Online: use for approves the leave request from their employee. After select approve or not approve those leave request form will update immediately as well.
  6. Clocking File Master: use for set time attendance format file and set format digit value of finger scanner.
  7. Shift Over Time: use for set standard and control Shift Over Time by select Shift Pattern, set Over Time Policy and calculate Over Time.
  8. Time Attendance Calendar: Show detailed of the type of each day, list of people request leave, list of people request over time.


  1. Combat System : Player will be able to combat with either players or monsters.# (with physicals attack or magic attack)
  2. Multiplayer : Player will be able to play the game with another players via the internet.
  3. User Interface : There will be user interface for login, register, a game object like HP and MP bar, skill slot, and some description of them.
  4. Voice Recognition : Players will be able to cast a spell (do a magic attack) with players voice. (Microphone is a must)
  5. Support Oculus Rift : Players will be able to play the game via Oculus Rift or Virtual Reality. (High GPU,CPU and RAM is a must)
  6. NPC System : NON PLAYER CHARACTER will be part of the game that will facilitate players such as buying or selling items and may also include giving player some quest or information.
  7. Inventory and Equipment System : Players will have a Inventory for storing item and will be able to equip some armor or weapon to make them stronger.
  8. Monster Item Dropping : After monster dies they will drop an item(s) for player. The item(s) is expected be either use or sell.


  1. Key Config: Users can set the mental commands into keyboard buttons.
  2. Cognitive Training: Users can train to use command with their brainwaves through the EPOC neuroheadset.
  3. User Interface: There will be user interface for users: add user, remove user, user profile.
  4. Headset Status: Connection between headset and the program; Connection strength, sensors, signals.
  5. User Game List: User can choose game from directory and adjust key(keyboard button) for each Action(Action to be use in-game: Forward, Backward, Left, Right) for each game.
  6. Support PC Games: User will be able to play game that wasn't support by Emotiv EPOC via mental command.
  7. Action Mapping: The drop-down list that show the existed Action available for user to select.
  8. Save Action: Save mental command into Action for each users.


  1. Authentication : connect with the external SIIT Authentication system to check user login and determine the acess control
  2. ResourceSetup : allow staff to set up the items and status of resource
  3. Evaluation : allow uesrs to book resource
  4. Reporting : allow staff to produce a report and statistic data to use in future reservation
  5. Quickview : create a real time up date quick view of a avaliable status of the resource
  6. user control : to allow the reservation to different type of user
  7. quicksearch : for user quick looking for resource to reserve
  8. cancelation : user can cancel their reservation


  1. Price Relative Indicator : Compare the performance of a stock against a benchmark index by a ratio chart to obtain the price relative.
  2. TOI Calculator : Calculate total return of investment which examines future return affected by corporate actions.
  3. Email Subscription : Users can subscribe to stocks and receive daily or weekly updates right into their inbox.
  4. Export : Provide filtering and more options when exporting stock data (dates, price type, more than one stock at a time, etc.).
  5. Automatic Price Update : When the stock market is open, data will be scraped every 30-60 minutes and the updated data will be shown real-time to users without refreshing the page.
  6. CA View : Provide details of each corporate actions that occurred to the stock.
  7. Search : Provide filtering and more options when searching for a stock or data.
  8. Favorites : Logged in users can favorite stocks they are interested in to gather in one place and access it faster.


  1. Import/Export Excel Spreadsheet : Admin can import and export Excel file(.csv or .xls) to server through this web application.# the data in spreadsheet will be stored in database directly then admin can see all information inside database.
  2. Statistic Report : This feature allows web application to generate a report, based on data in the database, in form of table. User can select topics of report they would like to know.# Example of topics : statistic of applicants that apply on each syllabus. (e.g. IT, CPE, EM, MT)
  3. Content Management : Web application must be able to view, edit, add, delete the content inside web application. The content collaborate with data in the database.
  4. Check Submission Status : Applicants can check their submission status through this web application by using their applicants number or citizen number for Thai applicants, and passport number for foreign applicants.
  5. Feedback System : After status is checked by applicants, the website gives a link for applicants to fill a feedback form, so that they are able to suggest or recommend in order to improve the web application performance and admission division operation.
  6. Website Backup : In case of website failure, the system has a routine website backup. In an specific period of time, for example every Saturday, the website backups the data. If data are modified from last updated backup, the system makes a backup. if there is no data modification from last updated data, the system would not make an backup.
  7. FAQ and Live Chat : A list of frequently asked questions are provided by admission staff to give more information and also applicants can ask question in live chat to admission staff and get the answer from them immediately.
  8. E-mail Notification : After admission staff adds information through this web application, the system will automatically notify applicants by sending an e-mail to applicants.


  1. Upload a document form : Upload a photo (jpeg) that is already have in the computer and mobile phone.
  2. Take photo of a document form : Use mobile phone or tablet that has a camera to take a photo of the document that you want to edit
  3. Add textbox/date : 1. add text box at the blank space that you want to edit # 2. add a date button, when you click the button the calendar will pop-up then you can select the date that you want
  4. Add icon : In case of a document that is needed to tick or X on the blank box we can add an icon to identify it. The icon includes many things for example tick, dot, and X mark.
  5. Adjust brightness/contrast : Sometimes the picture that you took is too dark, we can adjust the brightness and contrast to make the picture more readable and beautiful.
  6. Rotate photo of a document form : Sometimes when you took the photo the alignment is not straight so you can rotate the photo to make it in the right angle that you want.
  7. Export : While saving the file, the initial document forms and the additional information will merge and export as PDF
  8. Auto detected : If the document have a dot connected together more than 5 dots the program will add a text box automatically but if it have a blank box it will automatically add a icon box


  1. Submit request document : Submit request document to the system.
  2. Summary dashboard : shows the information about document that user require to interact with or document requested.
  3. document tracking : track current stage of each document in the document work flow.
  4. manage workflow : allow authorized user to create, edit, delete, modify, save workflow.
  5. user permission : allow admin to control user permission to use workflow or request document.
  6. document management : allow user to interact (e.g. approve) document request.
  7. workflow : system be able to deliver document correctly according to the workflow
  8. search : allow user to search document, request, workflow in the system


  1. Search and track : 1. Allow user to search for needed equipment and its related information.# 2. Allow user to update current status/condition of belonging equipment, by submitting the picture and description.
  2. Request borrow and reserve : 1. Allow user to perform instant borrow at the counter.# 2. Allow user to perform online request and reserve for needed equipment.
  3. Handle data and request : 1. Allow staff and related people to approve the borrow request and handle its related stuff.
  4. Action and operation review : 1. Allow admin and *power-user to review system’s operation and approve some important action requested by staff.# *Power-user is people who get right from admin to perform some action.
  5. Report of need-check equipment : 1. Allow staff and related people to view and re-check the equipment reported by the user.# E.g. Item that need to be repair or replace.
  6. Support embedded devices : 1. The application will support embedded devices like bar-code reader, web-camera.
  7. Instant status reporting : 1. Allow anyone to instantly report the status of the equipment which is broken, collapse, or need to be check to the repairman staff.
  8. Analyzed data : 1. We keep information from user such as --what kind of equipment that user mostly search for, and get in to a big-data process for system report and later use.


  1. Reformatting : The system will take the conversation as an input and reformat it so the system can analyze the conversation
  2. Analyzing : Use the algorithm to analyze the detail of the conversation and show the result
  3. Sliding bar : Sliding bar is use to show the current event. When slide the bar it will show more detail and the result of the conversation more and more while changing the position of the sliding bar or can slide back to see the previous event.
  4. ีupdate the result : The program will show the result in the current situation but when there is more information, the program will keep analyzing it until there is no more information provide to the program.
  5. Insert file : The program provide with the function that can use to locate the file for the input.
  6. Proved agreement : The program will prove the agreement when most of the conversation have good support toward the topic. In the result will show proved to this topic.
  7. Defeated agreement : The program will show defeated to the topic where there is no support or doesn't have enough support to prove it.
  8. Undermined agreement : The program will show undetermined to the topic where the topic is still in discussion or it doesn't have enough information to proved it or defeated it.


  1. Addition : Create an animation and code of addition (add first, add last, add at index)
  2. Deletion : Create an animation and code of deletion (remove first, remove last, remove at index)
  3. Speed : Create a speed level of each operation (pause, speed 1, speed 2, speed 3)
  4. Undo and Repeat : Create an undo and repeat process of linked list
  5. Stack : Create a basic operation of stack (push, pop, empty, reverse, palindrome)
  6. Queue : Create a basic operation of queue (enqueue, dequeue)
  7. Postfix Infix Prefix : Create a postfix expression page, infix expression page and prefix expression page
  8. Tutorial : Create a tutorial video


  1. Read the image of brain CT scan : The program can load picture from the CT scan and show it on the screen.
  2. Find the contour of brain : In some slide, the picture of the brain is not clear, this feature helps the doctor to see the contour of the brain.
  3. Plot 3D model : This feature is use to create a 3D model, where the doctor can see the brain in more real version.
  4. Calculate the volume of brain : This feature help to calculate the actual volume of the brain.
  5. Rotate the 3D model : The doctor can see the brain model in 360 degree.
  6. Select part : In this feature, the doctor can choose which part they want to see. And after they click, the program will zoom they part they want to see
  7. Find the foreign tissue : The program will automatically detects the foriegn tissue in the brain and show it on screen.
  8. Save : This feature allow you to save the change you've made.


  1. Upload and download: Software should be able to upload the file(s) stored on local storage and download the file(s) stored on the server.
  2. File encryption and decryption: Files will be encrypted before transmitting to server and decrypted after downloaded from the server.
  3. Statistics of a session: Displaying the statistics after an operation e.g. uploading or downloading. For example: 15MB of real data uploaded, 20MB of dummy data uploaded. File was split into 10 chunks. etc.
  4. File operations: Before uploading data, the selected file should be split into many small chunks in order to fit into a node in the tree and vice versa.
  5. Interactive user interface: Users should be greeted with an interactive user interface. They should be able to select the action they would like to do. E.g. press U to upload, press D to download, etc.
  6. Scripted Operation: Automatically emulate a user by allowing user commands in a script file
  7. Beautiful user interface: A more beautiful user interface, allowing user to use mouse to operate.
  8. File searching: Search for files on the server.


  1. set up virtual network : set up virtual network# set data rate, delay, loss# set mptcp on/off
  2. iperf : automatic running iperf on the script
  3. collect result : automatic store result of the experiment
  4. run network with split between path algorithm : run network in split between paths algorithm
  5. run network with congestion control : run network with congestion control# bottleneck solution
  6. run in different parameter : different in:# data rate# loss # delay
  7. summary and solution : compare results# find the reason of changes
  8. run in real environment : running the network with multiple computers


  1. Doctor’s Dashboard : The doctor can log in, view their patient list and select patient file.
  2. API Service I : Service that connect the front end and back end together so doctor can sent request to server to retrieve the patient information from hospital database.
  3. Image Processing : The program will change the image resolution to 200*200 pixel and apply greyscale filter.
  4. API Service II : Service that connect the front end and back end together let the program sent the image that ready for analysis and start all computation algorithm such as draw contour, and area segmentation etc. then send the result back to doctor’s machine.
  5. Comparison : The program will show existing image along side the result image to make it easier to compared to the doctor.
  6. Printable format : The program will convert the result to document format such as pdf, word for hard-copy record based on HL7 standard.
  7. Stage Detection : Implement Machine Learning and Classification algorithm so that the program will be able to detect and recognize which stage of cancer patients are in.
  8. Multi platform : Tablet application such as Microsoft Surface, Apple’s iPad Pro and Android tablets.


  1. Member system : - Require authentication to users, provided more feature when login to the system.# - Each member will have their own member type, where it type may provide certain tasks or more features depending on their type.# - User need to register to be able to access more features in the system.
  2. CRUD system : -Add,Remove, and Edit the project. This feature provided for manage the project management system.# - Connect and store data on MySQL via user interfaces and Database phpmyadmin.
  3. Project financial management system : - Monitoring all the budget flow in the project.# - Online Approve/Decline project proposal or request for budget.# - Alert notification(optional).
  4. Form generator : - Auto form application generator, which include Financial agency proposal, Project monthly proposal, and all paper base informations which ready to print out.
  5. Graphical statistic : - Provided all possible graph information for data analysis.
  6. Progress/Budget calculation : - Monitoring all the progress and cost budget in the project management system.
  7. Work Breakdown System : - Overall project structure which divide the main task into sub task for parallel works.
  8. Search system : - Searching tools for checking old report, proposal, exist project, or agency list through the system.


  1. View Internship information : This feature will display currently opened internships for students to view.
  2. Fill online application form : This feature will allow students to fill out the required internship applications via their electronic devices with internet connections.
  3. Update daily internship progress : This feature will allow students to keep record and update of their daily intern activities.
  4. Check student application forms : This feature will allow staff to view and edit the students' forms.
  5. Fill online documents : This feature will allow company staff to fill out documents such as time-sheet and evaluation form of the students.
  6. View student internship progress : This feature will notify the student on how far they have gone in their internship progress.
  7. Upload final internship report : This feature will allow students to upload their final internship report onto the system.
  8. Approve/Decline students internship : This feature will allow professors to check student's final report and pass or fail them.


  1. Unlock the module with passcode : User with passcode can unlock the module with correct passcode within the set period
  2. Rule set up : Room owner can set up the passcode and period for each separate module from further away on the web application
  3. Multiple lock modules management : Room owner will be able to manage(add/edit/remove) multiple lock modules they own separately for each one on the web application
  4. Keep and see the log : The system will keep the log of what passcode and what time somebody try to enter passcode to unlock the door and room owner can see it on the web application
  5. Google maps navigation : Room owner will be able to set/see the location of each separate lock module on the map and can navigate to the place on the web application
  6. Automatic lock : The lock module will be automatically lock when the door is shut
  7. Notification : Room owner will receive email from the system if somebody try to enter passcode on the lock module too many times. Or if the door is not shut for too long.
  8. Offline operation : Lock module will be able to continue to operate when the internet connection is offline, but only with data synced when there was the internet connection


  1. Control sensor system : This feature will control and monitor the status of waste based on a ultrasonic sensor. It will detects and responds to types of input from garbage-level and then it feed data into the computer as a digital output.
  2. Calculate the distance : This feature will calculate distance between waste container and garbage truck. We will write an algorithm to calculate distance between two GPS coordinates by using latitude and longitude.
  3. Find the optimized route : This feature will find the optimized route base on real-time monitoring of each waste container. By using the information that we calculate the distance between waste container and garbage truck. We find the optimal route from the initial to the next waste container that we selected to complete waste collection through our existing management system.
  4. Collection data : This feature will collect all the data and then insert the data into Database from every process. whether by add information, result of experiments, testing, or other methods that have the data we need to collect for our system.
  5. Estimate time : This feature will estimate of how long your journey from your location to waste container. The system will provide the estimate drive time accurately to pickup the waste on time based on historical traffic data (Google Maps).
  6. Notify drivers : This feature will send out alerts to garbage truck driver when the waste container is likely to be full from the different points of waste container by e-mail. These alerts are visible in our web services and devices of garbage truck driver.
  7. Check status of waste container : This feature will show status of each waste container in any area. It will show the level of garbage of each waste container by represent as a percentage value and text color (RED: full, YELLOW: nearly full and GREEN: normal).
  8. Check status of pick up waste : This feature will show the list of each pick up waste in any area. It will show the information of an area, waste container , the route that we selected, the driver notification status ( to prevent recurrence).


  1. Routing service : this is a feature that route user to chosen destination by shortest path and it will provide user's current location.
  2. Vehicle service : This feature will let user choose how to get to the chosen destination by type. User can choose between car, bicycle and walk.
  3. Information tab : This tab contain Provide current situation in TU such as blocked road, current weather and event information.
  4. Type search : This is the circular shape that user can choose by type of destination that user want to go such as canteen, dormitory and hospital.
  5. Event information : This feature will pop up name, details and location to the user. User will know event nearby and can go easier.
  6. Weather service : This feature will let user choose the weather condition and way to the destination. If it rain user can change path to the path that have cover.
  7. Indoor : This feature will route and provide location in the building. User can know location of lecture room or office.
  8. 3D map : This feature will show map in building in 3D that will make user find location easier and make this application more beautiful.


  1. Authentication and Authority : Identify the user individual through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for user logins and allows the system to access based on their identity.
  2. Data crawling : crawling the data from social media (twitter, facebook, instagram ) kept it in the server to become a data stream which is a history records.
  3. Data analysis : analyse the stream of data from the server and all suggestion will be derived from mining all historicall data in that area which give it to the user by the realtime.
  4. Search : Help user to find location and their friend from the map of thailand including those activity in that area.
  5. Social trend : separate type of trend which easily for the user to find post and shared by their friend and make it to a recommend.
  6. Map : Use google map api for give the GPS to the user for find the location of place and use geo tag to help find the trend.
  7. Random : Help user to discover the interesting place and trend of food by random the place.
  8. Picture search : Use picture from instagram or another social media which have a geotag to discover the place from the picture.


  1. Prevent mode : Host’s mobile phone is in prevent mode when the distance between the device and host’s mobile phone is within 80 meters without obstacle.Devices will alert when ฺBluetooth can’t be detect.
  2. Find mode : Host’s mobile phone can support 2G communication when the device is in the distance that host’s Bluetooth cannot detect.It can be able to find the current location of the device when they are using this mode.
  3. History of devices : Host’s mobile phone can find the history of devices where it located,such as time,date,and location.
  4. Authorized number : There are only 5 cell phone numbers able to be authorized.When an authorized number dials up the device, it will hang up and report a real-time Geo-info.
  5. Voice Surveillances : Host must send SMS request to the device,and it will reply message back and switch to voice surveillances mode.
  6. Find path : Find the possible path between host and devices in map.
  7. SOS notification : Missing people can press the SOS button on the device, it will send geo-info message to all the authorized numbers every 3 minutes.
  8. Support multiple devices : Host’s mobile phone should detect the devices. It should detect up to 3 devices.


  1. Website Management : This feature can add, edit, and delete the article on the website.
  2. Website Statistic : This feature will represent the statistic of usage in form of graph on the website. It will show the amount of news in each categories on the website.
  3. General Feature : This feature will provide the popular articles, search button, calendar,comment and etc on the website.
  4. Mobile Browsing : This website enables Mobile Browsing feature for support mobile version so that your website layout will adapt to the screen of your devices.
  5. Article rate system : This feature will provide for user to score each article such as good, bad, or best etc.
  6. Security : This feature will provide the security of website such as HTTPS.
  7. Upload Article : This feature will upload the summarised article in form of text file to display on the website without using Website Management feature.
  8. Summary Article : This feature will summarise multiple incoming articles to be a single article.


  1. Dormitory system list : -International affair staff allowed to add# the dormitory list that available in that semester# moreover they can add the link or file about the information# of each dorm# -Exchange student can put their name and email to book# one of the dormitory list that they are interest
  2. Dormitory system confirm : -When the staff confirm with the dormitory so they can# click confirm button in the system so the exchange student# will know that they need to prepare for the payment and they can# see that information how to pay.
  3. Dormitory system payment confirm : -When the exchange student have done their payment they allow to# post the recipt or evidence to the staff so the staff will click# confirm payment button in the system so the exchange student will# know that they have done the process about the dormitory
  4. Course selecting demonstration : -Every semester there are many problem about course selecting,# The staff have made a manual and calendar but no one understand# every exchange student still ask the same question in every semester# ,so we will make a course selecting demonstration VIDEO so show# step by step clearly how and when to select,add or drop course.# the International affair staff said that we can't do anythng# to reg siit or reg TU so making this VIDEO is the only thing # that we can do.
  5. View information : -Exchange student allow to view the website or information# that we analyse and choose the best and useful# information to live in Thailand and syudy in SIIT and gather it# so they not need to find and analyse those information # by themselve
  6. Mini dictionary : -We will do some research,analyse and choose the best word# or sentence that often use in Thailand# for example: To order food in Thailand is not that easy because# most of restaurant have many option to order the food# for example if the exchange student want to order some food and# they want less spicy how to tell the waiter or chef.
  7. Group : -exchange student allow to joint their country group that we gather.
  8. News : -Staff allow to update news and photo and exchande student allow to vieww those news


  1. First page : This feature is use to separate user and system admin. User doesn't need to login but system admin need to.
  2. Authentication : This feature is for system admin for login to the system.
  3. Choose menu : This feature will show the menu of food in the database to user, and user can choose menu that they want to eat or menu that they like most.
  4. Rating movement : This feature will let the user to give the score to be the rating of food and the rating of cafeteria. And the rating of food and cafeteria will be save in the database. And user also can see the rating of the food and cafeteria.
  5. Evaluation : This feature will let user to evaluate the food that they choose and also can evaluate the cafeteria depend on the satisfaction of the user. And the score of the evaluation will be store in the database.
  6. Set up menu : This feature will let user to set up there menu by take a photo of food and add it in to the database.
  7. Statistic : This feature is for the system admin . Its will show the statistic of the rating score and the evaluation food and the cafeteria from the database.
  8. Report : This feature will show the result of rating and evaluation of the food and cafeteria from database and this result will tell system admin which cafeteria and food that should have to be improve.
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