Project Development class is every Monday afternoon, 1pm to 2 pm, in BKD ????

Week Date Time Activity Title Location
1 15 Aug 09:00 Seminar Intro to Senior Project (Hung and Teerayut) BKD3207
2 26 Aug 5:00 pm Deadline Topic Selection Due Email
3 29 Aug 1:00 pm Seminar Topic allocation; Project Concept (Hung and Teerayut) Moodle
4 12 Sept (Monday) 1:00 pm Deliverable Submit Project Concept Email to (see instructions here).
5 2 Oct (Sunday) 1:00 pm Presentation Submit Project Concept Presentation Email to (see instructions here).
6 Nov 11 1pm Deliverable Submit Requirements Specification Email to (see instructions here).
7 From 26 Nov to 4 Dec Presentation Submit Project Mockup Presentation (video submission) Email to (see instructions here).
8 6 Dec 13:30-16:00 Presentation Present Prototype Room announced later.
9 7 Dec 15:00-17:00 Presentation Present Prototype Room announced later.
10 11 Dec 1pm Deliverable Submit revised Requirements Specification and Design Specification Email to (see instructions here)
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