Deliverable 2: Requirements Specification

Updated Requirements Specification - 11 Nov 2016

It is recommended that the requirements specification consists of TWO sections (each with sub-sections):

  • 1. System Description
    • 1.1 Perspective
    • 1.2 Functions
  • 2. Requirements
    • 2.1 xxx (use sub-sections related to your functions/features)
    • 2.2 xxx
    • ...

Under Section 2, you could have sub-sections, based on the functions/features of your system, e.g. subsections for "Interface Requirements", "Design Constraints" etc.

Here is an example: PDF, ODT.

Note that the above template is only a recommendation. It is ok to divide section 2 into a number of sections, like the template in the following link

FYI, here are from the last year

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