Topic Selection Instructions

The project is a group task, and each member of the group is expected to contribute equally to the overall system.

Forming Groups

You should form a group of 2 people. You may mix between IT and CS. Only in special circumstances, and with permission of the Project Coordinator, will different size groups be allowed.

For students accepted or applied for Student Exchange, Extended Training or have completed Senior Project (but not Project Development), as you will only undertake the project in semester 1, you must form a group with another exchange student.

Registering groups

Once you formed a group, register your group at our Senior Project Management System There you need to provide the following information

  • Group members
  • Group averaged GPA
  • Project duration: 1 or 2 semesters
Watch this tutorial Once you successfully register, your default password is the same as your ID. Please change it on your first login to our Senior Project Management System

Selecting Topic/Advisor

Each faculty members has a list of potential topics they are willing to supervise. Do a research about the topics and/or talk with faculty members. Persuade faculty members to select you to do their topics that you like.

Once assigned topics are announced, you will have 1 week to meet with your advisor and finalise the group/topic. After this time, the same group/topic/advisor must be maintained for the entire project (both semesters).

Topic allocation will be done by the stable marriage algorithm.

  • The faculty member of each topic can suggest a specific group to do the topic. If he/she suggests no groups, then the algorithm understands that he/she would like groups with higher GPA to do the topic.
  • Each group is allowed to declare 12 topics as its preferred topics using our Senior Project Management System

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