Presentation 2: Mockup

Show the audience what your system will be like.

Mockup or Prototype?

What is a mockup? A model of your system showing what it will look like and that can be used to explain the features of your system. E.g. pictures, videos, diagrams, physical models. Generally a mockup will not do anything (e.g. it is not software that executes).

What is a prototype? A working system, but not the full system. E.g. some parts are incomplete, some parts are only partially developed, a first version.

For this presentation you may show either a mockup or prototype or both. Generally a prototype will be more advanced than a mockup, although mockups can be very useful for quickly showing user interfaces. In the following, when referring to a "mockup", it may also mean "prototype".


This mockups will be via "video demonstration" format (it is NOT a presentation with ONLY with slides). Groups will demonstrate together (that is, each student should contribute in the demonstration).

Groups will be able to choose how they demonstrate their projects, with the main limitation being the time available (3-4 minutes). Demonstrations may make use of computer screen capturing of your current system, talking and slides.

It is recommended that you use the computer screen capturing part of this video in your presentation on Dec 6/7.


You can learn the format here

Note that these are the final video demonstrations from the last year. Since now your systems are mock-up ones, in terms of "the content", you are not expected to go this far.


Some examples and hints of how you may demonstrate:

  • The mockup/prototype is about showing faculty the idea of your system. Your final system may look different at the end
  • If you have a prototype application with some features already implemented, then you could demonstrate that on your computer.
  • If your system contains a user interface (e.g. web site, standalone app, mobile app) then some pictures of what it will look like and how the user will move between screens can be used. The colour and formatting is not usually important; focus on the functions/features.
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