Feature List Instructions

In your Requirements Specification you identified what your system should do. Considering those requirements, you must summarise the 8 key features that you will deliver in your system. It is up to you to decide how to divide your system/project into features. Choosing features that are too simple may result in penalties for the project. For some groups the feature list may be the same or similar to the components or requirements from the Requirements/Design Spec. For other groups they may be different.

To be successful (that is, deliver a completed system) you should deliver at least 6 of the 8 features. You can think of the remaining 2 features as optional extras – if you have time you may also complete them. There are 3 milestones during the semester, and you will be expected to complete some features by each milestone:

  • Progress Presentation: at least 2 features complete
  • Demo Day: at least 4 features complete
  • Final Presentation: at least 6 features complete

Some features may be more significant than others. The evaluators of your project will ask you which of the features you completed at each milestone. They will decide if the features you complete are sufficient or whether you should receive a lower score due to lack of progress.

A “completed” feature is one that has been implemented primarily by your group and 90% works as required (there may be some small details missing or that need fixing). The way to convince the evaluators that the feature is complete is to show it working in a demonstration.

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