Presentation 4: Semester 2 Progress


These presentations should be used to explain to the audience what you have done so far, and what is remaining to complete your project. It is recommended you include demonstrations of what you have done, as you have declared in previously submitted Feature List.


Your presentation will be delivered as a video. You create the video using whatever approach you choose (video camera, phone, screen recording, animations, slides, or a mix), submit the file, and then it will be made available to others to view.

Speaking: The video must contain both students speaking for some time. This can be either recording your voice (overlayed on other graphics), or video of you as you speak. You should not use other people to speak for you, unless it is necessary for your system.

Contributions: both students in the group must contribute to the production of the video

Duration: must be between 4 minutes 30 seconds and 5 minutes. The duration will be checked by software, and any files outside this limits will be ignored (assume you did not submit). E.g. a video of 4:29 or 5:01 will be ignored.

Encoding: you may use any codec/format/resolution that us supported by YouTube.

File Size: there is no limit on file size (however there is no need to use a resolution above normal HD, e.g. do not use 2K or 4K).


Some examples of the content in the video include:

  • Students standing in front of a camera and presenting in the same way they present to a live audience
  • Screencasts of the application being used (or source code or design), edited to show the most important parts
  • Video of the system being used, e.g. a person using a mapping application to move around SIIT
  • Animations or other computer graphics, including slide show, that illustrate the design and operation of your system.




After the submission deadline, the following will be made available to faculty

  • "Updated Feature List and Revise Design Spec", which include the above video presentation.
  • Your final deliverables of the previous semester, which have been posted at
Faculty will be required to read your "Updated Feature List and Revised Design Spec", view your video demonstration, and evaluate your progress.

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