Presentation 5: Demo Day


Demo Day will involve groups demonstrating their project to faculty members. All groups will prepare for demonstration in one of several spaces available to senior students (see your allocated room below). Students will wait near their space for the entire duration. Faculty members will walk around at different times and visit a selection of groups. You will be expected to explain, demonstrate and answer questions about your project.

Groups will be able to choose how they demonstrate their projects, with the main limitation being the space available. Groups developing software, hardware and websites will be expected to demonstrate them and show the source code. Groups doing research will be expected to present their results and show their contributions. Demonstrations may make use of computers, video presentations, talking and posters.


Evaluation forms will be given to you at the start of the demo day. You must indicate your progress for your promised features on the evaluation. Then as a faculty member arrives to your demo, give them the form and they will complete it. The faculty member submits the form to us (they do not return it to the students).

Advice on Demos

You may choose to demo as you wish. Faculty members may have different views/expectations of what is a good demo. However some common things expected are:

  • Tell us what your project/system is as early as possible, e.g. in the first 30 seconds explain or show what your system is/does.
  • Prepare what you plan to say, but also be prepared to adapt. E.g. a faculty member may interrupt you after 1 or 2 minutes and say: "Ok, that looks good, but tell me about ... ".
  • Don't plan to speak for too long. Maybe 3 to 5 minutes. It is better if it becomes a two-way discussion rather than a one-way presentation. Prompt the faculty member for input, ask them questions.
  • Focus on the interesting features of your system and/or the features that makes it different/better than similar systems. E.g. "Our project is to develop a website for planning holidays. The main thing that our website has that other holiday planners do not is ... ".
  • Don't spend too much time (or even skip) demo'ing minor/uninteresting features. E.g. don't spend 5 minutes showing me that a user can login and they can reset their password if forgotten.
  • Be prepared to show source code if someone asks, e.g. "Show me the code that implements feature X" or "Show me the database entries that store data Y".
  • Don't assume the faculty member knows/remembers much about your project. And don't assume they know everything about complex topics - you may need to explain to them how things work.
  • Detailed report, Poster help


Each group must prepare for their demonstrate in their allocated room. Talk to the ICT technician (P Yim) if you have special requirements for the demonstration space.

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