Topic Selection Instructions

The project is a group task, and each member of the group is expected to contribute equally to the overall system.

Forming Groups

You should form a group of 2 people and register the group (here). Only in special circumstances, and with permission of the Project Coordinator, will different size groups be allowed.

Selecting Topic/Advisor

Each faculty members has a list of potential topics they are willing to supervise. In addition to the listed topics, faculty members may be willing to advise on other topics, so if you have an interesting idea, please discuss with one or more faculty members.

Each group must select 2 topics from each faculty member in order of preference. (The reason you are required to select 2 topics per faculty member - no more, no less - is to make it easier for us in assigning projects/advisors to groups).

If you want a topic not listed (that is, an Open Topic) you must first get agreement with the faculty member and complete the signed Open Topic form and return to Project Coordinator before selection deadline. Any selection of an open topic without the signed form will be ignored. You may not submit more than two Open Topic forms in total.

Topics will be assigned to groups with the aim of giving each group their highest preference. Assignment of topics to groups will start with the group with the highest average GPA across group members. If a groups 1st preference topic is already taken, then their 2nd preference topic will be considered, but only after all other groups have been considered for their 1st preference.

Once assigned topics are announced, you will have 1 week to meet with your advisor and finalise the group/topic. After this time, the same group/topic/advisor must be maintained for the entire project (both semesters).

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