Guidelines for Presentations

Proposal presentations will be held during final exam period. The guidelines for the presentation are:

  • Presentation should cover all main sections from the Project Proposal (however you do not need to follow the same order as the Project Proposal). You should aim to convince the committee that you have good understanding of the problem area and have a good plan of what you need to do to complete the project.
  • Presentation should be professional, making use of software (e.g. Powerpoint, demos)
  • 10 minute presentation for each group
  • 5 minutes of question time, for questions from judges and the audience
  • Each student in the group must present
  • All students must wear SIIT uniform on the presentation day
  • Presentations will be judged on:
    1. Quality of the visual aids
    2. Quality of the talks
    3. Completeness and quality of tasks (e.g. understanding of topic and problem, appropriate plan to solve the problem)
    4. Ability to answer questions
    5. Dress and timing
  • An LCD projector will be available. It is recommended that groups use the PC available in the room (unless you need special software, in which your own laptop can be used). Groups may be penalised if they take too long to setup their presentation or have technical problems. You MUST prepare and practice your presentation beforehand.
  • All students must attend the presentations of other groups. Groups may be penalised if they leave early or arrive late.
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