IT Professional Exam


Success in the IT Professional Exam provides employers with further evidence that you are a skilled IT professional. It is mandatory for students to take the ITPE. Details about ITPE are available (in Thai) at:

All students registered in Project Development (except those that have received special permission from Project Coordinator) must do the following:

  1. Register themselves for ITPE at the above website. The steps for registering are explained here, and include uploading your photo and selecting the 450 Baht option (but you don't have to pay - it is free for SIIT students). Deadline: 30 Sep 2014.
  2. Attend the practice sessions during the Project Development classes on 13 and 20 Oct. We will give guidance on the topics and types of questions.
  3. Take the exam on Sunday 26 October.

Points will be given for Project Development for taking the exam (those that do not register or take the exam will receive 0 points). In addition, those with higher scores from the exam will get more points. ITPE accounts for 10% of Project Development grade, however if students get excellent scores in the exam, they may receive bonus for upto another 10%.


Two practice sessions will be held where you will see, attempt and discuss example questions: 13 October and 20 October.The ITPE Fundamental Exam (FE) has two parts:

  • 80 short multiple choice questions in the morning (150 minutes)
  • 7 long multiple choice questions, with multiple parts, in the afternoon (150 minutes)

A selection of past exams from April 2013, Oct 2012 and April 2012, including questions and answers, are available at: These and exams from earlier years are available at ITPE.

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