Schedule for Progress Presentations

Session A: Friday 20 Feb, 9am - 12noon
Committee: BU, NH, TT
Room: BKD2601
SG5 Portable Private Wifi
CN2 Thai Traditional Fabric Pattern Recognition Application
PA3 Making a 3D game application
SU5 Song Therapy Application
BS2 Similarity-based Ontology Tools
SM3 Ground truth analysis of the breast cancer tumors
TH4 Information Bank:Crowdsourced context-aware recommendation system for tourist attraction
Session B: Friday 20 Feb, 9am - 12noon
Committee: SM, PA, BS
Room: BKD2602
VS1 Social Media Analysis and Understanding
TH1 Smart Route and Dynamic Map
BU2 Intelligent Bus Information System with Embedded Board
CN1 Virtual Reality Game using Oculus Rift
GS3 A Mathematics-inspired Game
SU4 Implementation of opinion mining technique
SG4 Annotated Lectures
Session C: Monday 23 Feb, 9am - 12noon
Committee: KW, VS, CN
Room: BKD2601
BU1 Web Application with CMS
SG2 Peer-to-Peer Web Application
NH3 Argument visualization tools in smart phones
BS1 Educational games for preschool children
SM5 Online database of medical images
BU3 Medical Image Processing
GS1 A new real-time social network for books
TH2 Little BIM
TT2 A Minute-of-Meeting Management System
Session D: Monday 23 Feb, 9am - 12noon
Committee: SG, GS, TH
Room: BKD2602
PA5 Improving ICT website
SU1 Developing Enterprise Architecture Framework
NH5 Screening applicants of SIIT scholarship
CN3 Mind-Controlled Keyboard
SM4 Contour line of STL files
KW4 Class Management in SIIT Lecture Note Online System
BS3 MedReader the Mobile App
NH4 Applications of argument visualization tools in decision support systems
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