Presentation 1: Project Concept

Tell the audience about your project.

Presentation Format

The format of these practice presentations is as follows:

  1. Individual presentations. Each student gives an individual presentation about their project.
  2. Duration: 2 minutes. Each student has 2 minutes to present. Students should aim to talk for exactly 2 minutes (plus/minus 15 seconds): not too long, nor too short.
  3. No supporting material. The student does NOT use a computer, whiteboard or other props. That is, this is NOT a powerpoint presentation. The student simply stands at the front of the room and talks for the allocated duration. Students should not use hand held notes (written or electronic).

Presentation Contents

What should you talk about?

  • Give an introduction to the topic. Explain what it is about.
  • Motivate the topic; explain why the topic is important, relevant and interesting.
  • What will you do? What will you develop?

After your presentation the audience should have a broad idea of what your project is about, why the project is important and what you will do. Your presentation does NOT have to follow the sections of the project concept document.


Each student must attend the entire session that they will present in (see Schedule below). For example, a student in session A1 must attend all other presentations in session A1 (from 9am to 10am). Students are not allowed to attend presentations from other groups.


Each student will evaluate all other presentations in their session. You will give a score of 1, 2 or 3 (1 is lowest, 3 is highest) for the items of:

  • Talking: are they clear? well-prepared? confident?
  • Motivation: did they explain what problem they are solving? why it needs solving?
  • Topic: did they explain what they will do/develop?

In addition, you will indicate the top/best presentations (in no particular order) as well as the bottom/worst presentations.

It is important that these evaluations are fair and thoughtful, e.g.:

  • Give a score based on the presentation, not based on what you know about the student or their project.
  • Be consistent in your scoring across groups.
  • Don't be too generous (or too mean). For example, the top scores should be given to only a few groups, not all groups.
  • Listen to all presentations; don't give random scores.

You may be penalised for giving inconsistent (e.g. everyone else gives 3, you give 1), unthoughtful scores (e.g. give everyone 3).

Below is an example of the evaluation form completed.

Example evaluation form


View the summary statistics from the evaluation of your presentations, as well as your evaluations of others, as a PDF. Scores were calculated based upon the total you received from others, as well as the difference between the Top and Bottom scores you received. A penalty was given to some who had only very small variations when they evaluated others.


This set of practice presentations will be split into four sessions (two separate rooms). The groups are:

  • Session A1 (1-18): Friday 11 Sep, 9am-10am, BKD3207
  • Session A2 (19-35): Friday 11 Sep, 10am-11am, BKD3207
  • Session B1 (1-18): Friday 11 Sep, 9am-10am, BKD3206
  • Session B2 (19-35): Friday 11 Sep, 10am-11am, BKD3206

Presentations will be in the order as listed below. Only attend your session - not others.

Session A

Num Group Name
1 SG2 Jatupat Chaiprasert
2 CN1 Jaruwit Sriburanasorn
3 PA4 Patchara Promnatom
4 GS4 Chawankorn Kasinobhas
5 BU1 Aye Nyien Thant
6 GS1 Thitiporn Intarabamroong
7 CN2 Kantapat Jeamsak
8 BS4 Panasarn Kanchanapiboon
9 TH2 Pranpariya Limlee
10 TT3 Athisorn Naosoongnoen
11 PA2 Phenradee Bhayakanidhi
12 BS1 Puttipong Saibuathong
13 EN1 Purisaid Uawithya
14 SM1 Krisada Vivek
15 TT4 Duangporn Prasart
16 CN4 Chadchawin Pasuwan
17 TH1 Parptawan Wiriyaswat
18 SG3 Tanapsorn Suebthawilkul
19 SG1 Kittisak Jockkaew
20 NH1 Tanapon Areeprasertkul
21 VS1 Minhmunta Chalitayon
22 SU2 Thitiphat Sahasakmontri
23 KW2 Sivagorn Yang
24 KW1 Thanawat Phasit
25 PA3 Ailada Bumroong
26 SU1 Sooksin Yip
27 TH4 Napatsawan Panbankret
28 NH3 Chanakan Jiratikarnsakul
29 BU3 Theerapat Theeratrakool
30 SM4 Piyapan Kaewsalubsee
31 BS3 Thanaporn Intarapakawong
32 SM2 Saksit Wangkiat
33 SU3 Kanokrach Lomvatanatham
34 NH2 Wanchalerm Chuachitrapun
35 BU2 Thanjira Pornsasawat

Session B

Num Group Name
1 TH2 Viriya Foopuntuwut
2 PA3 Putchamon Puttamilinprateep
3 SM1 Apichon Kitvimonrat
4 TH4 Manussawee Dissaro
5 BS3 Thanida Raoupatham
6 NH2 Nuchsara Watcharaworathit
7 CN4 Nataya Kittiwatanachot
8 NH1 Anuwat Shutanaruk
9 EN1 Chanawat Thathan
10 TT3 Veeraya Sawangsinudomchai
11 SG2 Pimprapai Wisuthseriwong
12 GS4 Trongjai Thaitrong
13 TT4 Nattapong Oki
14 SU3 Sasivimol Chinudomsuksakul
15 KW1 Nichamon Kladee
16 VS1 Tanitpong Waragunlertrat
17 CN2 Pornpisit Leelaarporn
18 NH3 Chonthicha Satthaporn
19 CN1 Nattanan Yodsrimongkol
20 SG1 Pitawat Nantamanop
21 PA4 Netirak Sitthikornwong
22 BS4 Supanuth Somphap
23 SM4 Jiramate Goyedul
24 BU2 Charlie Deesarapad
25 BU1 Bodeetorn Sutcharit
26 SU1 Preechasiri Thaweeapiradeelerdlamsum
27 SM2 Chanawatn Nakwangsarth
28 TH1 Kittipan Pipatsattayanuwong
29 BS1 Atthapong Prechprasit
30 GS1 Herin Kim
31 BU3 Yolradee Sootaranan
32 SU2 Jinnawat Viriya
33 KW2 Meerit Panuwatsuk
34 PA2 Penpitcha Natisupalak
35 SG3 Nonthapat Leerungruang


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