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List Description
Allnews AllNews Project
CPE2 Computer Engineering 2nd Year Students
CPE2013 CPE Class of 2013 (Alumni)
CPE2014 CPE Class of 2014 (Alumni)
cpe2015 CPE Class of 2015 (Alumni)
CPE3 Computer Engineering 3rd Year Students
CPE4 Computer Engineering 4th Year Students
CS2 Computer Science 2nd Year Students
CS2007 CS Class of 2007 (Alumni)
CS2008 CS Class of 2008 (Alumni)
CS2009 CS Class of 2009 (Alumni)
CS2010 CS Class of 2010 (Alumni)
CS2011 CS Class of 2011 (Alumni)
CS2012 CS Class of 2012 (Alumni)
CS3 Computer Science 3rd Year Students
CS4 Computer Science 4th Year Students
CSIT-Faculty Faculty of CS and IT Programs
CSS224 Computer Architectures
CSS322 Security and Cryptography
Cybertech [no description available]
EC-Faculty EC faculty and staff
EC2 EC 2nd year students
EC2008 EC Class of 2008 (Alumni)
EC2009 EC Class of 2009 (Alumni)
EC2010 EC Class of 2010 (Alumni)
EC2012 EC Class of 2012 (Alumni)
EC2013 EC Class of 2013 (Alumni)
EC2014 [no description available]
ec2015 [no description available]
EC3 EC 3rd year students
EC4 EC 4th Year Students
EE2 EE 2nd Year Students
Ee2015 [no description available]
Faculty School of ICT Faculty
Graduates School of ICT Graduate students
ICTCC ICT Computer Committee
IT2 Information Technology 2nd Year Students
IT2007 IT Class of 2007 (Alumni)
IT2008 IT Class of 2008 (Alumni)
IT2009 IT Class of 2009 (Alumni)
IT2010 IT Class of 2010 (Alumni)
IT2012 IT Class of 2012 (Alumni)
IT2013 IT Class of 2013 (Alumni)
IT2014 [no description available]
it2015 IT Class of 2015 (Alumni)
IT3 Information Technology 3rd Year Students
IT4 Information Technology 4rd Year Students
ITS323 Introduction to Data Communications
ITS332 Information Technology II (Networking) Lab
ITS413 Internet Technologies and Applications
Kindml KIND Research Group
Kindml-ob KIND Research Group
Mailman Mailman
Networks Networking Research Group
NSC2006 National Software Contest 2006
NSC2007 National Software Contest 2007
NSC2008 National Software Contest 2008
NSC2009 National Software Contest 2009
NSC2010 National Software Contest 2010
NSC2011 National Software Contest 2011
NSC2012 National Software Contest 2012
NSC2013 National Software Contest 2013
SmartGrid2013 Smart Grid Masters Students 2013
TAIST2010 TAIST Students 2010
TAIST2011 TAIST Students 2011
TAIST2012 TAIST Students 2012
TAIST2013 TAIST Students 2013
Thainest Thainest
TTG Create for test

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