Using MySQL Database on ICT Server

ICT users can make use of a MySQL database for their study and research. This page gives some guides on accessing and using your database. It assumes you know SQL and MySQL (see Reference Manuals for more info).

MySQL Access: Server, Username and Password

ICT students already have a MySQL account and database created for them:

Note that your username/password are linked to your ICT Linux server account. You should not attempt to change your password within MySQL. You should only change your Linux account password, which will automatically also change for MySQL (and Moodle and others).

Access to the MySQL server on ICT ( is only via localhost. In practice, that means you have two means for issuing queries on your database:

  1. Remote login to ICT server (e.g. using SSH, Putty) and then access MySQL on the command line.
  2. Access MySQL using the web-based interface, PhpMyAdmin, on ICT server.

Short examples of both methods are given in the following sections.

Access MySQL via Command Line

You first need to login to ICT server using SSH. From a Linux or MacOS computer you can open a Terminal and type:


After entering your username and password you can run mysql (replace USERNAME and DATABASE with your values):


Now you can issue SQL queries on your database.

Access MySQL via PhpMyAdmin

PhPMyAdmin is installed on ICT server. This provides a web-based interface for you to manage your database. It is available via:

To login to PhpMyAdmin, user your MySQL username/password. Further info about using PhpMyAdmin can be found through its online documentation.

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