Budget and Equipment

Some projects may require specific equipment or resources. The School of ICT may already have those resources available. Below is a list of some examples of resources and contact people for further information. In the case that the resource is not available, it may be possible to purchase it. The senior project budget is explained.

List of Equipment and Resources

Talk to your advisor (and other faculty members) if you need a special resource. Its likely that it is already available. Below is a list of some resources:

  • Mobile phones and tablets (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android phones). Contact: Dr Cholwich.
  • Wireless equipment. Includes WiFi routers, USB cards, PCI cards, as well as specialised equipment such as Zolertia wireless sensors and Ettus USRP N210 programming access point. Contact: Dr Steve.
  • iOS Developer University Program, allowing you to develop applications for Apple mobile devices. Contact: Dr Cholwich.
  • Microsoft software. Free access to a wide range of Microsoft development software, operating systems and applications (e.g. Visual Studio, Office, Windows). Accessible via SIIT Dreamspark.
  • SAKI Training Center, offering facilities for specialised courses and training. Contact: Dr Pakinee.
  • Linux accounts on ICT server, including Subversion, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin and personal web sites. See ICT server home page and presentation on Computing Resources.
  • Computers for high-performance applications, e.g. simulations, graphics processing, large data sets. For example, a recent Intel i7 CPU, two Nvidia GPUs, 16GB RAM, 256 GB SSD. Contact: Dr Steve.
  • Sound room and range of audio equipment (e.g. keyboard, microphones, sound cards). Location: AI3 Lab.
  • 50 inch plasma TV for presentations and demos. Location: AI3 Lab.
  • Home/building automation system, including remote control of lighting, cameras and A/C. Location: AI3 Lab.
  • Robots. Various robot platforms, from small automated vehicles to a 1 metre standing robot. Contact: Dr Steve.
  • Electrical/electronics work space. Location: AI3 Lab.
  • General purpose computers available in senior project room and other computer labs. Contact: ICT Technician.

There is other equipment also available. Discuss with either Project Coordinator, relevant faculty members or ICT Technician.


If after checking the available equipment and talking to your project advisor, you decide you need to purchase resources, then each student has a budget of 8000 Baht for senior project. (Note however the entire senior project budget is not enough for all students to spend 8000 Baht. Based on previous years, only a few students need to spend the money. Generally, the money will be allocated to projects with special requirements and on a first-come-first-served basis).

The budget can be spent on:

  • Equipment for senior project
  • Registration at conferences (if the student has a paper accepted and will attend)
  • Fees for training courses, e.g. attending a short course on a topic needed for your project.

The procedure for using the budget is:

  1. Identify the resource you require, and obtain a specification and quotation.
  2. Check with your project advisor if the resource is necessary for the project and it is not currently available. The advisor should agree with the specification and quotation.
  3. Check with the project coordinator if the resource is not currently available.
  4. Purchase the resource, ensuring you obtain an official receipt/tax invoice in the name of "Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University". A receipt without the correct name, or without the tax number of the supplier cannot be accepted.
  5. Fill in the Senior Project Reimbursement form (available from ICT Secretary).

If all the paperwork is correct, you will be reimbursed by SIIT. For further information about the purchasing procedure, speak with the ICT Secretary.

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