Guidelines for Midterm Report

The Mid-term Report should be based on the Project Proposal but include at least one additional section giving a technical description of what your group has completed up until the mid-term. That is, you should:

  1. Update the existing sections from the proposal to reflect any changes. This includes the Introduction, Objectives, Outputs and Expected Benefits, Literature Review and Methodoloy. In some cases, there will be little or no changes from the proposal.
  2. Update the Project Schedule section to give more details of the tasks completed and planned, as well as indicate the progress of the tasks (e.g. 50% complete, 100% complete).
  3. Add a new section (or multiple sections) that gives a Technical Description of the work completed so far.

The Technical Description is the most important part of your Mid-term Report. This should describe the tasks that your group has completed. Essentially it is a design and implementation report, containing content such as:

  • Description of the system/software architecture, including diagrams
  • Important design decisions (why you choose to design/implement your system in a particular way) and the rationale/reasoning for those decisions
  • Explanation of the user-interface including selected screenshots
  • Design specification for software/hardware components, databases, interfaces, etc.
  • Segments of important code and implementation details
  • Instructions for using the system

Be sure to make it clear when you used existing code (e.g. downloaded from the Internet, provided by your friends) and when you developed the system yourself. Using other peoples designs and code without giving proper credit is considered cheating.

The Mid-term Report should convince the readers (e.g. ICT faculty) that you have: carefully considered the design issues for your system; applied satisfactory methodologies to the design and implementation of the system; and completed substantial technical work since the Project Proposal.

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