Requirements for Attendance

Attendance at School Activities

The School of ICT (and related entities) have multiple activities throughout the semester. They include: seminars for guest speakers, company visits and employment presentations by companies. These official activities that count towards senior project will be announced on the email list/forum for senior project. Name sheets will be available at the designated activities: it is your responsibility to ensure your attendance is recorded.

You are required to attend at least 7 activties across the semester (there are usually about 10 activities, but it varies each year).

Attendance at activities contributes to 5% of your total grade.

Attendance at Bangkadi

As part of your Senior Project it is expected you will share ideas and expertise with other groups. Hence to encourage you to spend time at Bangkadi you will be required to undertake a fingerprint scan to record your hours on campus. The scanner is located outside the Senior Project room.

The hours that you must be on campus each week (Monday to Saturday, as counted by the fingerprint scanner logs) are:


Each day you are at Bangkadi you must scan in when you arrive and scan out when you leave. Scans before 8am or after 8pm will not be recorded. Scans are recorded on Monday to Saturday (not Sunday). If you do not scan in or out on a day, then no hours will be recorded for that day. Attendance at lectures and lunch are counted towards your hours. If you scan in at 8:40am and scan out at 2pm, then the hours counted for attendance will be 5 hours 20 minutes. The scanning software will record your total hours scanned in over a calendar month (that is, you can roll hours across weeks, but not months).

The logging of hours will start on Monday 18 November. The required hours per month are:

  • November (2 weeks): 30 hours
  • December (3 weeks): 45 hours
  • January (2 weeks): 30 hours (attendance is not required and scans are not counted towards monthly total during midterm exam period)
  • February (4 weeks): 60 hours
  • March (1 week): 15 hours

If you attend less than the required hours in a calendar month, then you will be penalised. If you attend for the required hours, then you will receive full marks. Each month is worth 2.5%, that is a total of 10% of the senior project is for finger print attendance.

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