Final Presentation Schedule

Tue 18 Mar, 9-12, BKD3207. Committee: SG, PA, SM, TT
KW2 Authority identify
BU2 Modern responsive Web Application
SU1 Where We Go
SU4 LOSA Web Application
BU1 Exudates Detection Application
GS2 A Mathematics-Inspired Game
BS4 iLearning Tool for Graph Algorithms
BS1 MedReader II
TT4 Exchange
Tue 18 Mar, 13:30-16:30, BKD3207. Committee: CN, BU, KW, NH
TT2 Learning Management System
SG4 Graphical network creator
GS1 A Music Notation Tablet App
EN1 Education application for kids
PA3 Making Interactive Educational Website
SU2 Personal Shopper
CN4 Google's Street View With Oculus Rift
BS2 Structural Analysis of Concepts in an Ontology
SM4 Phase portrait analysis for segmentation of complex objects in digital images
Wed 19 Mar, 9-12, BKD3207. Committee: BS, EN, SU, GS
NH3 Dictionary For Blindman
CN3 Web Application for Mathematical Education on Tablet
BU3 Medical Image Processing topic
SG1 Personal Network Security Testbed
TT1 Translation Memory Management Enhanced With Statistics Techniques
NH5 Open Topic
CN6 Educational Games for Primary and or High School Students on Andriod
SG2 Sensor Network Web Application
PA1 Improvement of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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